KYM is a contemporary high-end womenswear brand featuring a model that combines print artwork design and modelist technology

It shows femininity and unique sophistication with beautiful patterns and curves between artistic sensibility and commercial boundaries

The silhouette of simple yet refined lines
We consider the proper body proportions for women to look beautiful
It is harmoniously produced by considering the print design and placement.

Contains high-end artistic sensibility of modern contemporary
It shows a feminine, elegant and unique sophisticated style.
print design mainly inspired by contemporary art and exhibitions;
Developing women's clothing patterns applying modelist technology
Key styles evolve each season through new integrations of art and technology
Use calm, mature, off-white, slightly popped colors

High-end sensibility using high-quality fabrics and subsidiary materials
We design prints and produce them in high quality through digital printing.
Produce elaborate modelist patterns, and in factories with experienced samplers
In cutting, sewing, and finishing, it is produced with perfection and luxury